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As we continue the transition of content from pourlevelrock.com, please visit usgperformanceflooring.com. For more information on any USG product, please contact your USG Technical Representative.


Pourlevelrock.com provides the latest in USG Levelrock® Brand technology and practices, literature and more. For secure information and tools, USG Levelrock Authorized Applicators can login or contact their USG/Alcorp Technical Representative at 817 329.1808.

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Be informed, be safe

The OSHA SILICA RULE (crystalline silica standard) enforcement start has been delayed to September 23, 2017. Login for resources to help navigate the compliance. If you have questions about USG Levelrock® or USG Durock™ products in regards to this compliance, please contact your USG Alcorp Technical Representative at 817 329.1808.

2017 Applicator Best Practices Manual

USG’s 6th Edition of the Applicator Best Practices Manual

USG’s 6th Edition of the Applicator Best Practices Manual is now available. The revised manual includes our professional USG Levelrock® product line as well as USG Durock™ performance flooring products. Login for the online manual or contact your USG Alcorp Technical Representative at 817 329.1808 for further information or to receive a printed manual.

2016 USG Levelrock® & USG Durock™ Fire & Sound Rating Guide

Blog Wide FireSound

Designing assemblies requires a balance between acoustic separation and fire protection. USG products and systems were the first to ensure that all sound systems are fire-rated and easily specified by a UL Design number. USG 1- and 2-hour rated floor assemblies feature USG Levelrock® Brand and USG Durock™ Brand underlayments and USG Levelrock® sound attenuation products and are designed to meet the current International Building Code (IBC).

Find 1- and 2-hour rated assemblies in the 2016 USG Levelrock & USG Durock Fire & Sound Rating Guide (IG1685). For more information, contact your USG/Alcorp Technical Representative at 817 329.1808 or find a representative here.

USG Levelrock® Brand Fiber Reinforced (FR) Engineered Cementitious Underlayments


New Lineup

USG Levelrock has strengthened its team of Stronger Than Concrete™ floor underlayments. Introducing USG Levelrock® Fiber Reinforced (FR) engineered cementitious underlayments – cost-effective reinforcement solutions that provide a smooth surface with improved impact resistance, improved load distribution and enhanced crack reduction and further propagation reduction.

To reinforce your game plan click here for more information, or contact your USG Levelrock/Alcorp Network representative at 817 329.1808.

Unprecedented Floor Systems Breakthrough

Unprecedented Floor Systems Breakthrough

USG/XLBrands® Stronger Than Concrete™ Floor Systems

USG and XL Brands announce an extraordinary advance in floor systems. Where Portland cement (PC) and calcium aluminate cement (CAC) were once the only options, USG/XL Brands Stronger Than Concrete Floor Systems can now compete.

Previously, adhesive manufacturers were hesitant to approve installing their products over gypsum based flooring products without expensive and time-consuming treatments. Now, technological advances made by the Partnership in Technology alliance of USG and XL Brands, the nation’s largest private label floor covering adhesive manufacturer, have led to an outstanding solution.

Backed by an exclusive 10-year limited system warranty, the systems consisting of a USG Levelrock® Brand or USG Durock™ Brand gypsum underlayment, USG Durock™ Brand X2 Primer-Sealer and a XL Brands manufactured adhesive, can now effectively fulfill concrete spec requirements for interior installations.

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Power partnership


USG, manufacturer of USG Levelrock™ and Durock™ Brand products, and XL Brands®, the nation’s largest private label manufacturer of floor covering adhesives, have formed a strategic partnership for developing new technologies for the flooring industry.

This unprecedented partnership will focus on offering complete solutions and performance systems to the industrythat focus on, but are not limited to, moisture solutions, substrate issues, installation speed requirements, bonding and performance applications and full system warranty protection. read more…