Unprecedented Floor Systems Breakthrough

Unprecedented Floor Systems Breakthrough

USG/XLBrands® Stronger Than Concrete™ Floor Systems

USG and XL Brands announce an extraordinary advance in floor systems. Where Portland cement (PC) and calcium aluminate cement (CAC) were once the only options, USG/XL Brands Stronger Than Concrete Floor Systems can now compete.

Previously, adhesive manufacturers were hesitant to approve installing their products over gypsum based flooring products without expensive and time-consuming treatments. Now, technological advances made by the Partnership in Technology alliance of USG and XL Brands, the nation’s largest private label floor covering adhesive manufacturer, have led to an outstanding solution.

Backed by an exclusive 10-year limited system warranty, the systems consisting of a USG Levelrock® Brand or USG Durock™ Brand gypsum underlayment, USG Durock™ Brand X2 Primer-Sealer and a XL Brands manufactured adhesive, can now effectively fulfill concrete spec requirements for interior installations.