Power partnership


USG, manufacturer of USG Levelrock™ and Durock™ Brand products, and XL Brands®, the nation’s largest private label manufacturer of floor covering adhesives, have formed a strategic partnership for developing new technologies for the flooring industry.

This unprecedented partnership will focus on offering complete solutions and performance systems to the industrythat focus on, but are not limited to, moisture solutions, substrate issues, installation speed requirements, bonding and performance applications and full system warranty protection. (more…)

Safe and sound


Designing assemblies requires a balance between acoustic separation and fire protection – both elements are important to prevent owner and builder liability, and more importantly, occupant safety and comfort.

USG Levelrock® Brand products and systems are designed to meet the new International Building Code (IBC) and are the first to ensure that all sound systems are fire-rated and easily specified by a UL Design number. USG Levelrock® floor underlayment systems provide 1- and 2-hour fire-resistance ratings for wood-framed floor/ceiling assemblies and up to 3- and 4-hour ratings for structural concrete assemblies. (more…)